• Is Body Treats tested on animals?

    Our products are not tested on animals.

  • Are your products natural?

    We do not use all natural ingredients, all our ingredients are vegan, gluten free as well as clean.

  • Is Body Treats vegan friendly?

    Yes they are!

  • How long will my products stay fresh?

    Lotion 12M and Scrub 6M. If you store your products in a cool dark place with no moisture is the most ideal place to keep most skincare products with very little preservatives

  • Can men use Body Treats too?

    100%! Men LOVE our products! The favorite scent so far for men to use is spiced pear martini

  • Where are Body Treats products made?

    In Moncton New Brunswick in Janet's home. She has a special area where she works her magic!

  • Do your candles contain paraffin?

    Absolutely not! We pride ourselves in clean ingredients, paraffin is not clean. 

  • Does Body Treats contain nuts?

    There is Sweet Almond oil in our lotions. Our scrubs are nut free!

  • Is Body Treats good for sensitive skin?

    Yes, however it is best to do a patch test if you are sensitive. Our Spiced Pear Martini contains cinnamon in the fragrance mixture so it can have a warming effect on the skin or stimulate the skin.

  • Is Body Treats good for deeper skin tones?


  • Can I use the scrub on my face?

    We don't advise that you use the scrub on your face. The sugar granules can create micro tears on the surface which can lead to reactions, premature aging and irritation on the face.

  • What are clean ingredients?

    Clean ingredients are ingredients that are safe for the skin and the environment.

  • Where does BTS source their ingredients?

    All of our ingredients are sourced within Canada, and our ingredients all pass Canadian health standards

  • What happens when my products change colour? Is it bad?

    No, because we don't put anything in the products that are not beneficial to the skin, we get a colour change sometimes. Cotton Candy tends to change colour due to the high vanilla component and UV, we maybe taking out the colourant so that this doesn't happen, but the pink is just tooooo pretty!

  • I noticed the oil in the scrub separates, does that mean it's gone bad?

    No! We do not use binding agents, so this happens naturally. You can shake up the scrub with the lid on or use a spoon. We personally don't feel the need to mix it as we use it as it tends to work well when using it on the skin